Hi ROSIE Reps!  Please enter the URL to your social media, blog, or YouTube posts!  


You have the opportunity to earn credits by selling products through your personal ROSIE code, and you can also earn credits for posts you share on social media via Facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter, blog posts, and ect.  As your code accumulates credits, new levels will be opened. At each level, you will receive exclusive gear, host donation events and/or create dream come true experiences for children. 


  • 40 points - Host Fundraiser
  • 20 points - Point of Sale
  • 10 points - Blog Post
  • 15 points- Youtube Video
  • 5 points - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media posts


You can submit your accumulated credits at anytime through this portal.  For your total accumulated credits, you can email us at rosienation@loverosie.org.  Please note you must enter the URL to your post in order for it be entered into our system.  


  1. 120 points:  you'll receive free ROSIE gear of your choice
  2. 400 points: you'll have the opportunity to go into a local children’s hospital dressed as a storybook character and gift the children with ROSIE care packages 

For Point of Sales we'll automatically receive your credit information when your ROSIE code is entered at checkout.  If you are hosting a fundraiser please email us.



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