The Rosie Nation gives community members and students across the country an opportunity to have a positive impact on the life of a child by becoming a Rosie Rep!  Rosie Nation is an exclusive team made up of individuals that are determined to improve the lives of children facing traumatic experiences.  Rosie Reps are the driving force behind Rosie Toes Outreach. In communities across the country, our reps raise awareness for children, represent the brand through promotions and sales events and personally engage with our charitable programming initiatives.

We believe the best way to share love and be champions for children is through caring individuals.  This is why we’ve created Rosie Reps, a program designed to encourage storytellers to share hope, love, and dreams come true all over the world.  We are seeking community, campus, health care, and social media reps who are professional and driven to share the Rosie mission throughout their communities.  

As a Rosie Rep, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Promote Rosie Toes throughout your sphere of influence 
  • Utilize social media outlets to raise Rosie awareness on campus and throughout the local community
  • Work with organization and clubs to organize fundraisers and events
  • Create social media pages for your groups or chapters
  • Arrange care package distributions to local children’s hospitals and pediatric wings
  • Plan and execute Rosie events in your community 

Depending on your location you will belong to either the West Coast Rosie, East Coast Rosie, Midwest Rosie or Southern Rosie region. Each region has a Regional Manager, who you will use as your main point of contact.

Creating happy experiences for children while they are in treatment is what makes Rosie Toes magical. With each of our care-package events comes a character experience. Rosie Reps commit their time and energy to provide these magical and happy experiences with children facing traumatic experiences and their families. Rosie Reps dress in storybook character costumes to visit children in children’s hospitals, outpatient care centers, long-term stay facilities, camps and households. Understand the value of that commitment and be inspired to have the greatest impact possible.The Rosie Toes Team is dedicated to creating happy experiences, donating care packages, and providing comfort to children experiencing traumatic situations.  Each year, thousands of dedicated team members transform into magical fairtyale characters to further the mission of Rosie Toes, create smiles, and provide a therapeutic experience for those in need.

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