Tiffany Campbell - Founder / President


Tiffany is an actress and classically trained ballerina whose career includes roles in theatre, film, as well as television series.  The Midwestern native has a passion to inspire others through her own story.  Her mission is to use her platform to impact those around her through faith, hope and love.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in management, finance, and communication.  Tiffany founded Rosie & Co. as an outlet to inspire, encourage and strengthen women to dream big and radiate beauty. She believes that what defines our attractiveness is way above outer appearances; magnetic and irresistible charm take it’s beginning inside the heart.  True beauty is reflected within the soul.

She established, Rosie Outreach, with the vision to help children grow as confident, and caring human beings by working to reduce the negative impact of stressful or traumatic life events and situations that affect the development, health and well-being of infants, children, youth and families.


Krystle Campbell - Co Founder / Director

Krystle is a self proclaimed “fashionable” biologist.   She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and works with the UW Stimulation Program.  Krystle found her love for fashion in her grandmother’s closet.  She quickly established a keen sense of fashion since her early years of dressing up.  She enjoys sharing style tips with all those around her.  Her love of lace, pearls, and all things frilly can be spotted in all she adorns.  Pulling from her biology degree, Krystle has a meaningful understanding of the intersection between food, biochemistry and physiology.  She is passionate about sharing with others the importance of enjoying delicious food while feeling great in their favorite clothes.  Her passion for styling and fitness shines through her bubbly, warm-hearted personality.  Krystle dreams of a world where fashion, education, and sophistication blend seamlessly to amplify inner feminine beauty.